Vision and Culture Synthesizer

Through his personal and business growth process, Kennon is able to provide the most effective business coaching and consultation available.  Most coaches and consultants who are similar underestimate the immense value of emotions in the process.  Kennon's unique viewpoints allow him to have others see themselves in their greatness.

Kennon says, "I have invested my past experiences of serving others into who I am today.  My values and my vision enable me to get things done.  Therefore, I look at the often-unrelated purpose of businesses to assist them to optimize their message for their real and actual market."

Presently based in York, Pennsylvania, USA, Kennon Fort is a Christian, friend, and father of six children.  He is known professionally for serving others as a Vision & Culture Synthesizer.  Founder of the Culture Journey, Kennon believes in bringing out the best in others.  He says, "Everyone should have worthy ideals based on clear, prioritized values and be driven by the emotions."  He has an abundance of unique stories that illustrate love, joy, and creativity.  You will want to give careful attention to what Kennon has to say so that you can become the real you and be the best that you can be.